Putting everyone on the same page

Stakeholders on the SamePage?

A lack of mutual understanding or varying preferences in organizational direction amongst stakeholders can undoubtedly result in significant costs and have a damaging impact.

Give Everyone a Voice...

Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and it is beneficial for an organization to allow its members such an outlet. Developing an understanding of general opinions and notions that often go unnoticed not only increases an organization's self-awareness, but also yields efficiency, heightens productivity, and even strengthens the organization's foundation.

...And Then You See the Bigger Picture

Through the customized use of psychometrics, in-depth organizational analysis, and data mining, we help you understand those opinions and unvoiced notions, steering clear of cookie-cutter and generalized methodology so that we benefit your organization specifically.

All In All: An Easy-to-Use Custom Application

Giving everyone a voice and making use of the resulting information doesn't have to be difficult. An integration of data collected from your organization, personalized consulting analyses, and avid customer support are all easy-to-use features and are delivered in real time!

Your Customized Version Of SamePage Is Created By:


Organizational design experts who guide us in creating your custom application and guide you in making the right decisions based on the results of SamePage

Behavior Analysts

Experts in understanding and extracting genuine sentiment from your stakeholders. They create the custom questionnaires for your specific needs.

Experience Designers

They customize the design of the application according to how your organization is structured to make your user experience as easy as possible.


They custom develop a version of the SamePage application and create all the algorithms to fit your organization perfectly.

What you get out of SamePage

Let's cut to the chase. Here's some of the benefits you get by using SamePage.

  • Faster decisions

  • It's about time we changed the way boards make decisions. Age old decision making processes are working less and less, here's a solution.
  • Don't wait until board meetings to make decisions
  • See live, instant, and online opinions
  • Take questionnaire anytime and anywhere
  • Solid opinions

  • Don't take what your stakeholders say for face value. Know what they actually mean and give them what they actually want.
  • Participants remain anonymous and feel comfortable sharing opinions
  • Opinions are weighted based on experience and other participant data
  • Questions are written by professional experts

  • Improved bottom line

  • The bottom line is this: SamePage improves your bottom line.
  • Give a voice to everyone
  • Prove transparency
  • Identify gaps in your organizations
  • Eliminate projects that don't matter earlier